• Vision

    To become world's most well-known Shoe House.

  • Mission

    We endeavor to provide high-quality product & services on time, based on best practices. Through transparent communication and mutual respect, we establish a pleasant working atmosphere.

  • Planning

    Our planning is to build the distribution network of the future to assist our customers in navigating the digital economy.

  • Innovation

    Focousing on mobile-enabled, mass-customized goods and services cause we're like to go through new innovations. & developing new products and solutions to help our clients.

  • Digitalization

    Through digitalization, changing all distribution network activities, analyzing data to provide relevant insights, and developing an environment that sets us apart from our competition.

  • Sustainability

    Our Empenzo Shoe house's long-term business plan strives to make a positive difference, some issues like:
    Inequality of income, Concerns about human rights, Working conditions that are fair, Inequality between men and women.


  • Our Empenzo Shoes has a dedicated local and digital marketing team that works around the clock to generate orders. They represent the various types of clothes to buyer developed by our R&D team, with costing and quotations based on the current demand , according to the marketing plan. This is a constant process, and even for marketing, higher authorities travel to different locations to fetch orders.

  • Keeping pace with the times and the current demand, our Empenzo Shoes has its own Shoe designers and R&D team develops samples for marketing keeping in mind the different physical patterns of people from different countries.

  • As soon as an order is finalized, our Empenzo team begins finding the best raw materials based on the buyer's specifications. Our organization can source raw materials from the local market, but it also imports from overseas countries.

  • Before we begin production, we send various types of samples to the buyer for final approval based on his specifications, and of course, our own highly skilled quality control team conducts pre-production meetings with size set samples.

  • Our own assist in setting up the production line. In-house quality control staff monitors the finished product's quality on a regular basis. And as soon as the finished product comes out from production, we send the buyer a shipment sample so buyers can see what they'll be getting.

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  • Empenzo Shoe`s Mission

    Developing, planning, collection management and production support of popular brands in different segments that appeal to different tastes of consumers who differ on a global scale.

  • Partners

    Anticipating consumer and reflecting these needs; is a strong and reputable partner with the ability to introduce new concepts.

  • Belonging to the brands

    Under the roof of Empenzo Shoes; It is marketed through a global sales network spanning Europe, Asia and North America through chain stores, shopping malls and global marketplaces.

Empenzo shoes

Anticipating consumer and reflecting these needs is a strong and reputable partner with the ability to introduce new concept.


Empenzo Shoes House has had great success by collaborating with a number of well-known shoe factories throughout the country. Our Shoe House works with a variety of factories on a full-contract or sub-contract basis. Everything runs well, from shoe production to completion and eventually shipment, owing to Empenzo shoe's regular interaction with factory teams. When working with a shoe factory, Empenzo Shoe House takes great care. When selecting a factory, we analyze a number of factors based on our vast experience. Because customer happiness and trust is our main concern.


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